Where Is Pickwick Lake? A Virtual Tour

Where Is Pickwick Lake? A Virtual Tour


Pickwick Lake is located at Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee. It was created as a reservoir for the Pickwick Landing Dam. It consists of 43, 100 acres of water surface total area. Having stated that, Pickwick Lake offers an amazing opportunity for recreation and is definitely worth exploring.

Travel Advice About Pickwick Lake

There are a number of things that one can do for Leisure at Pickwick Lake. To start with, the Pickwick Landing State Pack offers an excellent place of relaxation. Starting as a riverboat stop in the 1840s, it has continued to grow in terms of the features and services offered. After 1970, the park management bought nearby land for the purpose of expansion. The park features 48 wooded campsites. Each of the campsites is equipped with a grill, table, and water/electricity handicap. Two of the campsites features facilities for the handicap. One is at liberty to book any campsite.

Second, Pickwick Lake is widely known for its boating activities. Of course, this is more pronounced during summer. Boating enthusiasts have access to three full-service marinas. Moreover, private marinas are available year-round.

Third, the Yellow Creek Cove has one of the most magnificent features of the lake- the Yellow Creek Waterfall. Boaters will find it a popular destination. In case one is worried about safety, there are enough professionals who can help someone.

Fourth, a traveler is going to experience excellent fishing activities. For example, one can go to the Wilson tailwater that is located at the upper end of the reservoir. Here, you will have fun interacting with catfish. Other types of fish found in the area include bluegill, crappie, white brass, sauger, and stripes. In addition to that, one can enroll in a fishing tournament. Colbert Fossil Plant is a point where warm water is regularly discharged from the power plant. Consequently, the spot attracts a lot of fish more so during cold weather when they are seeking more moderate conditions. .

Lastly, Pickwick Landing Golf Course offers one of the most outstanding golf facilities. It is an 18 hole regulation course with an “open to guests” policy. It has a slope rating of 18.2 and a course rating of 70.2. The golf course is popular to both destination golfers and locals. Moreover, the park offers three swimming beaches that are open to the public. If you forgot to carry any golf equipment, for example; golf course sets, golf balls, sun visor hats, towel to wipe sweat, you have the option of renting.

Where Is Pickwick Lake? A Virtual Tour

Other Interesting Observations

  • Observing a rope swing that is located off the top of the fall
  • Cabins a unique thing for a weekend stay
  • Outdoor and indoor pool for inn and cabin guests
  • Taking part in party boats during the summer
  • Nature trails
  • Company with your pet
  • Live entertainment

Bottom Line

There are many places to stay in Pickwick Lake area. For example, Pickwick Pines Resort provides outstanding amenities and an active lifestyle. Depending on one’s budget, there are other places which are available. Considering shared accommodation is also not a bad idea. However, it is advisable that one books any room in advance in order to avoid disappointment. This is more applicable during winter when there are a lot of visitors. Overall, Pickwick lake is a popular destination for golfing, boating, and fishing.

3 Reasons to Visit Pickwick Lake

3 Reasons to Visit Pickwick Lake


Pickwick is one of top tourist destination in the south. The Lake is located at the intersection of Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi. The lake gained fame in the 1970s after a popular show on bass fishing at the time. Since then it has grown from strength to strength and its fortunes are only growing. However, there are some key reasons people love to visit Pickwick Lake.

1. Great Golf Course

3 Reasons to Visit Pickwick LakeThe area is one of the best for golfing. It has great golf courses that are well managed and lush. Due to the nearby waterbody, keeping the course well maintained has never been an issue. There is always a plentiful amount of water to keep the courses looking great all year round. Besides that, the golf courses are located close to nature parks. As a result, one can play golf while experiencing the serene natural environment. The scenery is great for helping one improve their game. In addition, the ample amount of land for developing courses means that there is no minimization of the course. These are definitely some of the best golf courses in the country.

2. Bass Fishing

3 Reasons to Visit Pickwick LakePickwick Lake is a premier spot for largemouth bass fishing. This is a result of unique synthetic and natural forces that have helped bass thrive in the lake in great amounts. The Bass population on the lake is quite healthy all season. Getting a permit for fishing bass is quite easy since the population is quite high. In addition, the fishing facilities are quite well developed. The boat docking sites are numerous and hiring a boat is quite easy. Various shops around the area offer fishing equipment. Anyone planning a fishing trip to the area only needs to bring himself or herself along. Everything else is easily accessible at Pickwick Lake.

3. RV Parks

Pickwick Lake has many RV Parks that are great for family trips. The parks are completely fitted with all amenities that one may require. All the parks around Pickwick Lake are all well levelled and can accommodate any type of RV. The park staffs are quite friendly and know how to handle various issues that may arise. Various facilities such as electricity connections are all made available. The parks are set next to the lake, which provides a great sightseeing experience. In addition, all RV parks are to be found far from the main road. This allows for a high degree of privacy as one spends quality time with family.


Pickwick Lake has a lot to offer for all manner of visitors. Whether one is looking to spend a quiet weekend with a loved one or an exciting vacation with family, Pickwick is the place to be. The facilities are world class, which has been a developed from years of experience. A trip to the south would not be complete without a stay near Pickwick Lake. The facilities are great and there is something for everyone. Other activities one may find at Pickwick are boating and hiking. A visit to Pickwick Lake will be an unforgettable experience.

Go Along Crossbow at Pickwick Landing State Park

Go Along Crossbow at Pickwick Landing State Park


Crossbows are popular hunting equipment in the hunting world. They are great for beginners and not complicated in terms of use. Hunters who are used to using rifles also find crossbows easy to use. There is a great similarity in shooting between a rifle and a crossbow. Crossbow scopes are also included in the design of crossbows to aid the hunter with precision and accuracy while doing those long range shots.

There are two main types of crossbows, recurve crossbows and compound crossbows. The recurve crossbow is the older type. It is simple and easy to use and has less maintenance. However, it is much weaker. The second type is the compound crossbow (learn more over at www.archerscrossbow.com). This one comes with a cooking mechanism and it is much heavier. There are things that you should consider when choosing a crossbow for hunting at Pickwick Landing State Park

The Weight of the Crossbow

A lightweight crossbow may appear like the best choice when you are covering long distances while hunting. The main challenge that comes with using a lightweight arrow is maintaining the steadiness required when aiming, shooting and releasing the arrow. For hunters who will be covering short distances in the Pickwick Landing State Park, then you can go for a heavy crossbow as it will give you more stability. With enough practice, you can achieve a lot of practice good enough to get used to a lightweight crossbow.

The Draw Weight Of The Crossbow

What you are planning to hunt at Pickwick Landing State Park and how much you can manage to drawback, will determine your best draw weight. Majority of crossbow draw weights are in the range of 75-200 pounds. For the deer hunters, the ideal draw weight for your crossbow should be 150 pounds. The speed at which your arrow travels also depends on the power stroke, apart from the draw weight. Crossbows with longer power strokes release the arrow at great speeds, thus faster travels.

Go Along Crossbow at Pickwick Landing State Park


Noise reduction is an important factor that you should consider before buying a crossbow. Bows that produce a lot of noise when shooting will scare away the target. Crossbows with parallel limbs offer the best in noise reduction. Cam mechanisms installed in most crossbows often end up making the crossbow noisier.

The Arrows

There is no needing of buying a great crossbow then jeopardise your hunting success with poor arrows. Go for the best quality arrows that you pocket can allow specifically designed for hunting with a crossbow. Cheap arrows will fly awkwardly and miss the target. It is important to ensure that the arrows you purchase have a nock that is specifically meant for crossbows and not compound bows. The best arrows for your crossbow are those made from carbon. Aluminium arrows should be your second choice.

Arrow Broadheads

A good hunting arrow should have a good broadhead if you are to achieve any success at Pickwick Landing State Park. Good quality broadheads are those that are sharpest and give the arrow a good flight and trajectory. Mechanical broadheads and replaceable broadheads are ideal for crossbow hunting. Most hunters prefer a hunting weight of between 100-125 grains.


Choosing the right crossbow will determine your success at the Pickwick Landing State Park. However, the most important thing is making sure you have enough practice before using it. It still remains a dangerous weapon when used incorrectly.

10 Best Spots at Pickwick Lake along Celestron Firstscope

10 Best Spots at Pickwick Lake along Celestron Firstscope


Pickwick Lake was made famous in the 1970s by a fishing show hosted by a man known as Bill Dance. Since then, it has become one of America’s most favorite fishing spots, for catching huge smallmouth bass. The lake is an artificial one created by the building of a dam.

10 Best Spots at Pickwick Lake

The first great spot is the on the lake itself. With the Celestron Firstscope, one will be able to observe the night sky unabated. The lake is quite huge and not prone to huge wave. It would be a great place to take the telescope out and get a clear view, with light interference from other light sources. If you don´t have a telescope you can visit sites and read telescope reviews and learn about the various features and learn how to enjoy a telescope at places like the Pickwick Lake. Of course you need to invest in a telescope before you visit to take advantage of the full view, you can visit http://www.telescopeguide.org to find the best telescopes and read some in depth reviews.

The Pickwick Land State Park is a great place to visit. It is to be found south of the lake. It has hook-ups to electricity and there is a leveled camping site. There is even a golf course for those who love the game. It would also be great to observe the night sky shrouded in all the tall pine trees that help block out the artificial light.

10 Best Spots at Pickwick Lake along Celestron Firstscope

The Goat Island campground is also quite awesome. The waterfront is paved, providing a great spot to set up a telescope. There is also a recreational area for bikers and hiking enthusiasts. This place is great both for camping and RVs. Visitors will definitely have the time of their life here.

Pickwick Pines resort is an awesome place with a lot to offer visitors. It is located just a few miles from the lake. Anyone visiting the area should consider staying here. The service is top notch. The Comfort Inn is a great spot to be. It is located quite close to the University of Southern Mississippi. It is within thirty miles of a major airport and the service is excellent. This is definitely a great place to stay.

Little Andy’s Sportsman’s Lodge is another cozy place one should visit. It can comfortably accommodate any size of family and the facilities are world class. Anyone seeking comfort should consider visiting this spot.
The Colbert county Rose Trail Park is another great spot. They have great camping sights and some RV areas. It is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors. Activities here include swimming and other recreational sports such as golfing.

Hampton Inn in Pickwick is a great place to visit. It has facilities to cater for wheelchair-ridden individuals. In addition, the Inn has facilities for holding business meetings. Generally, a great place worth paying a visit to.

The Green acres park is great for those with RVs. The camp is leveled to accommodate all sizes of RVs and the family will definitely enjoy a trip here. There is also free Wi-Fi available within the park. Other activities include a fishing pond. Days Inn Savannah is a great place to stay in Pickwick. There is room service and it is conveniently located near many fun activities. The Inn is just twelve miles away from a major airport.


Pickwick Lake is generally a great place to spend the summer. For stargazers who carry their Celestron Firstscope along, they will definitely find much use for it here. It is away from major towns and there is thus little light interference.

Top Ways to Catch Fish with the Help of Fish Finder

Top Ways to Catch Fish with the Help of Fish Finder


Traditionally, anglers used to rely on their gut feeling to locate fish. With time, this intuition would grow and one would become celebrated for being able to feel the fish. However, this innate level of knowledge about fish is not possible for everyone. For instance, some people just want to catch a few fish on a weekend. This is where technology has proven to be so invaluable. Fish finders help one to trace where the fish are and thus catch a few of them.

Top Ways to Catch Fish

The best way to use a fish finder is study undersea charts of an area. These charts are usually available online or at the local office. The best way to use these charts is to identify underground structures. Fish will tend to coalesce near these structures for various reasons. When one finds such a structure, they should use their fish finder to scan for fish. However, a single scan may not reveal much. One needs to go around the structure and make sure each angle is covered in their scan. This can greatly increase one’s chances of taking home fish. One thing to note is that fish love structures. As a result, each angler should first concentrate on finding these structures. These are much easier to find than fish.

The other way to increase one’s catch is using GPS. Even with the best underwater maps, one will still have a hard time tracing a structure twice. As a result, one should ensure that their fish finder has GPs installed. As a result, through a combination of charts and patience, one may stumble upon a structure. When this happens, one needs to register it on their device. As a result, the next day, it will be much easier to find the location and hopefully fish. This is because things such as temperature and weather may cause the fish to temporarily disappear from a structure.

Top Ways to Catch Fish with the Help of Fish Finder

The other way to increase the likelihood of catching fish is to fine-tune the device. Most modern fish finders come with the capability to increase or decrease sensitivity. At times, if the device is too sensitive, it may not be of much use. This is especially so if the water body has a lot of debris. This debris may at times show up as fish. One should decrease the sensitivity of the device to ensure that they only view what they came for.

The other method of increasing one’s chances of catching fish with a sounder is to know what one is looking at. Some people buy fish finders but do not spend enough time learning how to interpret the data. One should take at least a few hours to practice and read the accompanying manual intensely. It can be surprising how much easier it can be to catch fish with the right knowledge.


A fish finder is one of an angler’s most important tools. Most good fishing boats come with the device already installed on the boat. It will definitely be worth every penny in terms of more fish caught.

Pickwick Lake Is Boring Without Pyramyd Air Gun

Pickwick Lake Is Boring Without Pyramyd Air Gun


Pickwick Lakes is one of the top places in the US to catch smallmouth bass. It has gradually grown to fame since the 1970s. Every year, multitudes throng to the quaint town in search of their next big catch. This place is quite awesome. Besides fishing, one may also hiking or biking in the various parks around the artificial lake. The area is home to diverse wildlife and would be a great place for those who love bird watching.

Activities In Pickwick Lake

Other activities one may engage in at Pickwick Lake are camping. In fact, there are various sites for RVs and camping near the lake. This is definitely a great place for taking a family vacation. Anyone who has ever desired to experience the great outdoors should definitely pay a visit to this place.

Carrying an Airgun

However, a visit to this magical place would not be complete without an Airgun. Pyramyd is the best in this and their guns are quite awesome. They are powerful and very accurate. There are many places near Pickwick Lake one can hone their skills. The Air gun laws in the area are not very restrictive and there are a number of areas one can use it. The Airgun would be great for use in catching smallmouth bass. Since Pyramyd makes their guns so accurate, this will definitely come handy. You should read more about the different types and find the best air gun that fits your plans how use your air gun before making a purchase..Pickwick Lake Is Boring Without Pyramyd Air Gun

About Pyramyd

Pyramyd is a company that specializes in selling air guns online. Their services are quite dependable. They make deliveries to all areas in the USA where the law permits them to do so. Their guns are known for high quality and dependability. In addition, the company offers gunsmith services. Besides that, Pyramydis also accredited by BBB. The organization is one of the leading accreditors for quality in the airgun industry. When one purchases for Pyramyd, they can be assured they are purchasing quality.

Options Available

Some top of the line air guns available are the Air Arms TX200. This gun has continued to be the gold standard in airguns for a long time. Most other air guns only try to match up to its superior quality. A unique feature about this Air gun is that the piston rotates freely in the compression chamber. The gun is suited for use with large scopes, which can be mounted on it. Targeting using this gun is quite easy. It is definitely built as a hunting rifle and for recreational purposes. A visit to Pickwick Lake would be incomplete without it.

Another great air gun available from Pyramyd is the Condor. This gun from Air Force has been highly upgraded. It has features that greatly increase it power and accuracy. Users of this gun will definitely love it. Another great advantage of this rifle is the adjustable power setting.


When planning a trip to Pickwick Lake, one should make sure to bring their air gun and beware with hunting tips. Without it, the experience will simply be incomplete. One can do many things with it in Pickwick Lake such as for personal protection.

3 Reasons You Should Bring a Survival Knife to a Picnic

3 Reasons You Should Bring a Survival Knife to a Picnic

It is highly recommendable that you carry a survival knife in a picnic. When you’re in a disaster situation, it helps a lot to have a good knife and to know how to baton. Survival knives are ideal tools that are important Everyday Carry (EDC) tool of the day.

When you are lost in the jungle, a survival knife is the only thing you should have in your hand (you can have one on besthuntingknives.org/best-survival-knife/). They do not only act as durable tools to skin animals and cut down branches, but they can also be a difference between life and death.

Below are some reasons you should always have a survival knife;

1. Batoning

Batoning is amongst the most popular survival tools where a survival knife is placed on top of a log, and the knife is driven into the log of wood till it splits. Batoning helps in getting access to the inner portion of weed wood and produce slim boards and shingles.

Batoning consumes less time, takes less effort and gives awesome slices of woods than chopping. It does not require much energy and expertise as chopping would demand. The disadvantage of batoning is that it can break your survival knife if it can baton at an angle. Moreover, you’ve to make use of a good baton, otherwise, if you use a brick or rock, the survival knife becomes damaged with jagged features all over.

For a less risky and better batoning experience, make use of a piece of hardwood carefully shaped like a little baseball bat and smoothened grip. Survival knives with a full tang are more suited for batoning that those with partial tangs because the pressure exerted by the baton can easily break your knife’s handle. Batoning using a survival knife can be used in any location and situation. It is also not heavy to carry out to your picnic when compared to axes which are baggage that no one wants.

2. Helps in Surviving Wild Animals Attack

3 Reasons You Should Bring a Survival Knife to a PicnicLarge cats are the exception to the most rule games. The fact is, you can’t play dead with the mountain cats and you cannot out run then. Even if you move away gradually and get out of sight, they’ll undoubtedly follow you closely waiting for any vulnerability. You should be the decisive and vicious to survive their attack. They’ll come at you and dodging isn’t the best option. In case you get attacked by a predator, a survival tool is a handy tool that can save you life. You should hold you left forearm firmly around your neck to remove the defenses around the neck and wait for the predator to bite. The predator bites the forearm to remove it around the neck. Take this opportunity and plunge your survival knife into its skin around its jaw and twist while pushing away in one portion. In case it isn’t dead it will run away wounded.

3. Helps In Removing Frost

If you go out picnicking to an area near, snow, your survival knife can assist in cleaning out the frost from the night before and even hacking through the ice for water. The water can help you get through difficult times such as dehydration.

Why Best Camping Knife Is Required at Pickwick Lake?

Why Best Camping Knife Is Required at Pickwick Lake


Buying a good camping knife is a necessary. Finding a good knife that fits your needs without having to spend too much money is the tricky part. You can find a good knife in almost all the price ranges. The issue is not the price, but knowing what to look for when you go to a sporting goods store is always the issue. Here we will guide you on how to choose the best camping knife for your needs at Pickwick Lake.

Folding or Fixed Knife

There are many reasons why best camping knife is required at Pickwick Lake. Are you looking for a knife that can cut wood, open packages, cut threads or just pure hunting? Lighter duties such as opening of packages or and preparing food when you are camping at Pickwick lake can be handled with a folding knife.

Some knives have been manufactured with some very strong locks such as Spyderco Paramilitary or cold steel recon 1. For the fixed blade knives, you can go for Park River Pocket Bravo. These two knives are essential for everyday lighter duties.

What Are You Cutting?

Slicing food, chopping wood, cutting packages and preparing game are all different tasks that need different specifications. The most important part of a knife is the shape of the blade. The shape of the blade refers to two things. The grind of the blade and the blade itself are the two factors that determine the choice of a knife.
If your main tasks will be involve cutting a lot of thick ropes or nets, then a recurve or hawk bill shape will serve your needs. If you will go hunting at Pickwick Lake, then you should buy a trailing point, drop point or Persian blades. For an ideal knife, you should look for one whose tip is sturdy and pointy, has a straight portion close to the handle and has a nice curve.

Why Best Camping Knife Is Required at Pickwick Lake

How You Will Use the Knife?

The task at hand dictates the grind and the shape of the blade to go for. In layman’s terms, the grind of the knife is the method used by the knife manufacturer to put an edge on the knife’s blade. Grinds are many, but the most common ones are the flat grind, the hollow grind and the convex grind. Hollow grinds are ideal for slicing, flat grinds are preferable for general use, and convex grinds are preferred by those who do a lot wood chopping.

The Type of Steel You Want

When you go camping, you will require a knife that has a good steel to withstand the different environmental conditions out there. The varieties of steel to choose from are stainless steel, high carbon steel, metal super steels to name just a few. The type of steel selected should be ideal for the task at hand. A knife like Victorinox brand Swiss Army Knives is totally corrosion resistant. The steel selected should be hard, tough and free from corrosion. You should try to strike a balance between the three factors.


Finding the right knife to buy can be challenging considering the many varieties of knives out there. If you know what you are looking for, then you will find the right one for your needs.

Visit Pickwick Lake for a Fun Round of Mini Golf

Visit Pickwick Lake for a Fun Round of Mini Golf


For those who love the outdoors, Pickwick Lake is a great place to be. The town’s folks are friendly and the facilities are world class. One can engage in many fun outdoor activities at the Lake. This includes activities such as boating, fishing, and hiking, one is spoilt for choice. The Lake was artificially constructed during the great depression. It first came to fame in the 70s for smallmouth bass fishing.

Mini Golf

Since tourists started streaming in for the smallmouth bass, entrepreneurs discovered that the place was great for establishing golf course. The natural setting makes it relaxing to play golf. There are many mini golf courses, which one will definitely enjoy. The courses are professionally designed to provide visitors with endless hours of fun.

What to Expect?

Mini golf is not simply golf on a smaller scale. This common misconception is not true. Mini golf can transport the entire family into an imaginative world full of adventures. Because it is built on a small scale, it is easier to incorporate a number of themes into it. For instance, one can play through a world of dinosaurs or through an intense game of pirates. Generally, it will be a great way to get the kids interested in playing golf. In addition, it is a fun way to strengthen the bonds that hold families together.Visit Pickwick Lake for a Fun Round of Mini Golf

When to Play?

Most of the miniature golf courses around Pickwick Lake are open year round. The opening hours are also quite flexible. Typically, a miniature golf course in the area will be open up to 10 PM. The prices are also quite competitive due to the intense competition among the various golf courses.

Games Available

Besides just having random fun, there is the option to participate in tournaments. This is another great way to build team spirit, especially among employees. This is essential in ensuring better coordination at the workplace. There are also group offers for those who are at least a dozen or more. However, one should consult the particular miniature golf course they intend to play at to find the exact rates.

Other Activities

For those interested in playing golf. There is the option to do so too. Many golf courses set against picturesque backdrops are available for maximum relaxation. Other activities that the family can do together include camping and game watching in the various nature parks. It is a great opportunity for one to be in harmony with themselves and with nature. Visitors to Pickwick Lake will definitely love their stay here.


Although Pickwick Lake was traditionally known for fishing, the town has since grown to offer many other fun activities. Miniature golf is one of the most fun activities to engage in. The entire family will just love it. Anyone planning a trip to the town will find that accommodation is in plenty and is of high quality. Besides that, the area is within reach of a major airport. Make a point of visiting Pickwick Lake for a piece of Southern comfort.

Enjoy an Afternoon at Pickwick Lake With a Metal Detector

Enjoy an Afternoon at Pickwick Lake With a Metal Detector 2


Pickwick Lake is a premier tourist destination in the south located on the beautiful Tennessee River. There is the Pickwick landing state park which offers many activities for the guests. The lake offers different types of fishes such as the Tennessee River catfish and the small mouth bass. Fish that are known to be available all year long in the lake include the bluegill, whitebass, stripes and crappie. The lake also hosts some of the biggest annual fishing tournaments.

You can enjoy an afternoon at Pickwick Lake at the beautiful and challenging golf courses. These golf courses are surrounded by water and trees. There are also swimming beaches open to the public, indoor and outdoor pools and the Pickwick state park inn. You can purchase antiques at the gift shop, engage in physical activities and play tennis.

You can also search for antiques at the Pickwick lake shoreline and at the park with a metal detector. Finding the right metal detector to use at Pickwick Lake can be a problem. Many brands are available in the market with different features, functionalities and prices.

There is a lot of information out there regarding metal detectors. However most of the information can be misleading since it’s primarily intended for marketing purposes. There are few factors to consider when you are looking for a metal detector to use at Pickwick Lake.

Enjoy an Afternoon at Pickwick Lake With a Metal Detector 2

The Type of Activities to Be Handled

Metal detectors are designed for different purposes. In this aspect, the metal detector will be used at Pickwick lake shoreline and at the pack. It can be used to search for metallic antiques at the beach or in the Pickwick state landing park which has a rich history. Therefore, you need a metal detector which is water proof and free from corrosion to withstand the salty conditions at the lake.

Level of Expertise

For you to enjoy an afternoon at Pickwick Lake with a metal detector, you need to have full expertise on the use of metal detectors. Metal detectors come with new innovations every day. It is therefore important to equip yourself with the right skills so that you can be able to utilize the device efficiently and effectively. It is possible to find relics buried in the sand considering the age of this recreational park.

Metal Detectors Categories

Metal detectors come in five different categories from which to choose from. These categories include the general purpose, pulse, water proof, nugget hunting and two box metal detectors. At Pickwick Lake, we need a metal detector that can be used for nugget hunting and at the same time has water proof material.

After you have settled for the type and variety of metal detector that you want (check out some metal detectors review over at the Metal Detector Judge), you will then proceed to buy the device. It is good to ensure that the product has all the features as it advertised. After you have purchased the metal detector, familiarize yourself with the instructions to make sure that you do not miss out on a gem at Pickwick Lake.


Pickwick Lake offers guests a wide range of fun activities. You can choose to go swimming or just strolling at the beach at the beach. You can also enjoy an afternoon at Pickwick Lake with a metal detector searching for nuggets.

Use Rifle Scope At Pickwick Lake for Enjoyable Tour

Use Rifle Scope At Pickwick Lake for Enjoyable Tour


Pickwick Lake is located within the Pickwick Landing State park. It is one of the most famous destinations for outdoor activities. For instance, the lake is one of the best destinations for smallmouth bass in the country. The park is a state asset and the state regulates what can take place here.


As with most hunting destinations, hunting is only allowed seasonally. It is legal to bring a rifle fitted with a riflescope into the park. However, one needs to adhere to the rules governing the storage of the firearm while in the park. Besides that, one should ensure that they have proper hunting permits before entering the park for hunting.

One also needs to remember that there are some species that are barred from being hunted. It is important to avoid this kind of game rest one faces heavy fines. Besides that, a rifle scope may not be fitted on a rifle for fishing. The regulation bars the use of firearms to catch fish. However, one may modify their air rifle and fit it with a riflescope if they wish. Air rifles are permitted for use in most instances.

The Best Time to Use a Rifles Scope

Hunting is a game of patience and perfect timing. Some people, especially rookie hunters may end up going back home quite disappointed. One needs to know when it is the best time to catch the game. Most game is active in the early hours of the morning. During the day, it is too hot for them to move around so they stay hidden. Besides morning, some game is also active throughout the night. If one has the stamina, they can stay up all night and hunt with the riflescope all night.

How to Find Game?

Use Rifle Scope At Pickwick Lake for Enjoyable TourThe best way to find game would be to study the creatures’ habits and feeding habits. This will help one to predict where they are likely to find their game. For instance, duck hunters should go hunting near water bodies. However, not all ducks live near the water.

If possible, one can bring a hunting dog along. These are usually effective in acting as pointers. In addition, they can be used to flush out creatures such as ducks and turkey. A hunting dog can also be used to help trace the scent of larger game. The dogs may also come in handy while at the camp. They may help to scare aware scavengers that come to the camp to steal food. Besides that, a dog could help warn one of the big animals such as bears.

Choose a Rifle Scope

Different riflescopes have different capabilities. If one plans to become a regular at hunting, a more expensive rifle will go a long way (have a look at some of the affordable rifle scopes on http://BestRifleScopeReviews.org). However, for those who are in search of a thrill for only the weekend, cheap riflescope will do the trick. Using a cheap rifle scope should not mean one compromises on quality.


For the enthusiasts of the great outdoors, bringing a riflescope along will be a great way to liven things up. However, when using a rifle, it is important to follow all the safety precautions. It could help avoid ugly incidents.

Run at Pickwick Lake’s Shoreline In Plantar Fasciitis Footwear

Run at Pickwick Lake's Shoreline In Plantar Fasciitis Footwear


Plantar Fasciitis is a condition that leads to pain on the arches and heels. This condition is occasioned by injury or tissue damage. It can also be caused by a build of small injuries over time. These injuries can be caused by having flat feet, foot overpronation, working for long hours while standing, excessive running, or increased weight due to obesity. All these situations place excessive pressure and strain to the foot.

According to the Podiatry Institute, plantar Fasciitis contributes to almost 15% of reported foot disorders. Each year, more than 2 million Americans seek medical help to treat plantar Fasciitis. There are different ways of curing plantar fasciitis. However, one of the most effective and recommended ways is wearing correct footwear. The correct footwear will relieve stress on your feet and prevent injuries.

Choosing Plantar Fasciitis Footwear

· Motion Control

Motion control shoes are rigid and durable. Their main purpose is to limit overpronation. Overpronation is the inward rolling of the foot. Motion control footwear reduces the improper realignment of the foot and gives the foot a natural position. When choosing plantar fasciitis footwear, look closely at the specifications to ensure that it has motion control specifications.

· Arches

Plantar fasciitis footwear is the ones designed with a good arch support. Choose shoes whose medial arch does not become flat as this may lead to ligament strain. Ligament strain may later contribute to foot injuries.

· Heel Cushioning And Orthotic Inserts

Footwear designed for plantar fasciitis should have good heel cushioning. These will have sufficient padding and ideal support. Many shoes designed for orthotic purposes have good gel cushioning. Good gel cushioning will minimize pressure. Shoes with removable orthotic inserts are preferable since the inserts can be replaced with others after they have been worn out.

Run at Pickwick Lake's Shoreline In Plantar Fasciitis Footwear

Best Plantar Fasciitis Running Footwear

· Asics GEL-Kayano 20 Running Shoes

These shoes are designed with fluid feet technology which gives the upper material flexibility to stretch to different directions thus accommodating the wearer’s different movements. Structural support for the arches has been included to minimize ligament strain. This shoe has a gel cushioning system on the fore-foot and the heels that acts as a shock absorber.

· Brooks Beast 12

These are motion control shoes that provide good performance for the heavy overpronators. They have a diagonal rollbar that gives the forefoot more rigidity while enhancing midfoot support. The DNA cushioning technology automatically adjusts to foot movements of the wearer thus providing utmost stability and balance.

· New Balance 990v3

These shoes are built for long lasting while still providing support and comfort. They are popular with alleviating foot complications due to the extra removable padding and pronation control techniques. They are good running shoes for those who struggle with plantar fasciitis on a long term.

· Saucony Kinvara 4

This is one of the best Plantar Fasciitis Footwear for both running and walking. They are recommended for people who suffer from severe pain and collapsed arches. The shoes keep the feet aligned and secure while offering smooth transitions whilst running.


People face different feet problems and circumstances. People have different running styles and different pain thresholds. The most certain thing is that when you run at Pickwick lake’s shoreline in plantar fasciitis footwear you will have no problems to face. You will also alleviate existing pain with the correct plantar fasciitis footwear.