10 Best Spots at Pickwick Lake along Celestron Firstscope


Pickwick Lake was made famous in the 1970s by a fishing show hosted by a man known as Bill Dance. Since then, it has become one of America’s most favorite fishing spots, for catching huge smallmouth bass. The lake is an artificial one created by the building of a dam.

10 Best Spots at Pickwick Lake

The first great spot is the on the lake itself. With the Celestron Firstscope, one will be able to observe the night sky unabated. The lake is quite huge and not prone to huge wave. It would be a great place to take the telescope out and get a clear view, with light interference from other light sources. If you don´t have a telescope you can visit sites and read telescope reviews and learn about the various features and learn how to enjoy a telescope at places like the Pickwick Lake. Of course you need to invest in a telescope before you visit to take advantage of the full view, you can visit http://www.telescopeguide.org to find the best telescopes and read some in depth reviews.

The Pickwick Land State Park is a great place to visit. It is to be found south of the lake. It has hook-ups to electricity and there is a leveled camping site. There is even a golf course for those who love the game. It would also be great to observe the night sky shrouded in all the tall pine trees that help block out the artificial light.

10 Best Spots at Pickwick Lake along Celestron Firstscope

The Goat Island campground is also quite awesome. The waterfront is paved, providing a great spot to set up a telescope. There is also a recreational area for bikers and hiking enthusiasts. This place is great both for camping and RVs. Visitors will definitely have the time of their life here.

Pickwick Pines resort is an awesome place with a lot to offer visitors. It is located just a few miles from the lake. Anyone visiting the area should consider staying here. The service is top notch. The Comfort Inn is a great spot to be. It is located quite close to the University of Southern Mississippi. It is within thirty miles of a major airport and the service is excellent. This is definitely a great place to stay.

Little Andy’s Sportsman’s Lodge is another cozy place one should visit. It can comfortably accommodate any size of family and the facilities are world class. Anyone seeking comfort should consider visiting this spot.
The Colbert county Rose Trail Park is another great spot. They have great camping sights and some RV areas. It is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors. Activities here include swimming and other recreational sports such as golfing.

Hampton Inn in Pickwick is a great place to visit. It has facilities to cater for wheelchair-ridden individuals. In addition, the Inn has facilities for holding business meetings. Generally, a great place worth paying a visit to.

The Green acres park is great for those with RVs. The camp is leveled to accommodate all sizes of RVs and the family will definitely enjoy a trip here. There is also free Wi-Fi available within the park. Other activities include a fishing pond. Days Inn Savannah is a great place to stay in Pickwick. There is room service and it is conveniently located near many fun activities. The Inn is just twelve miles away from a major airport.


Pickwick Lake is generally a great place to spend the summer. For stargazers who carry their Celestron Firstscope along, they will definitely find much use for it here. It is away from major towns and there is thus little light interference.

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