3 Reasons to Visit Pickwick Lake


Pickwick is one of top tourist destination in the south. The Lake is located at the intersection of Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi. The lake gained fame in the 1970s after a popular show on bass fishing at the time. Since then it has grown from strength to strength and its fortunes are only growing. However, there are some key reasons people love to visit Pickwick Lake.

1. Great Golf Course

3 Reasons to Visit Pickwick LakeThe area is one of the best for golfing. It has great golf courses that are well managed and lush. Due to the nearby waterbody, keeping the course well maintained has never been an issue. There is always a plentiful amount of water to keep the courses looking great all year round. Besides that, the golf courses are located close to nature parks. As a result, one can play golf while experiencing the serene natural environment. The scenery is great for helping one improve their game. In addition, the ample amount of land for developing courses means that there is no minimization of the course. These are definitely some of the best golf courses in the country.

2. Bass Fishing

3 Reasons to Visit Pickwick LakePickwick Lake is a premier spot for largemouth bass fishing. This is a result of unique synthetic and natural forces that have helped bass thrive in the lake in great amounts. The Bass population on the lake is quite healthy all season. Getting a permit for fishing bass is quite easy since the population is quite high. In addition, the fishing facilities are quite well developed. The boat docking sites are numerous and hiring a boat is quite easy. Various shops around the area offer fishing equipment. Anyone planning a fishing trip to the area only needs to bring himself or herself along. Everything else is easily accessible at Pickwick Lake.

3. RV Parks

Pickwick Lake has many RV Parks that are great for family trips. The parks are completely fitted with all amenities that one may require. All the parks around Pickwick Lake are all well levelled and can accommodate any type of RV. The park staffs are quite friendly and know how to handle various issues that may arise. Various facilities such as electricity connections are all made available. The parks are set next to the lake, which provides a great sightseeing experience. In addition, all RV parks are to be found far from the main road. This allows for a high degree of privacy as one spends quality time with family.


Pickwick Lake has a lot to offer for all manner of visitors. Whether one is looking to spend a quiet weekend with a loved one or an exciting vacation with family, Pickwick is the place to be. The facilities are world class, which has been a developed from years of experience. A trip to the south would not be complete without a stay near Pickwick Lake. The facilities are great and there is something for everyone. Other activities one may find at Pickwick are boating and hiking. A visit to Pickwick Lake will be an unforgettable experience.

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