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Disclaimer-This map is not intended for use as a navigational chart. We have provided this map with the intentions of sharing some of our knowledge about the creeks and areas that we are familiar with. Any opinions about fishing , boating, camping, directions or anything else is strictly my opinion and endorsed by no one.  I am a 9 time Crappie Classic Qualifier and have been fishing Bear Creek for 15 plus years.  On occasion I have caught Bass and won a few local Bass tournaments.  Catfishing is mainly by jug fishing.  As a rule I am not too good catching Bass, don't like to Catfish, but I can catch Crappie in Bear Creek any day of the year that I choose to go. The reason for all this useless information is for you to consider the source of this information and use it as you see fit.    Back To Top Of Page

General Knowledge-The water depth in Bear Creek is generally deep, (15 Feet to 30 Feet).  One can find depths less than 15 feet as well and depths more than 30 feet. Lots of underwater natural structure provide excellent breeding grounds and hiding places for all species of fish.

Fishermen can harvest Crappie, Bass, Catfish and Sauger in large quanities and better than average size from Bear Creek.  You can catch Crappie along the creek drop offs and secondary drop offs. There are lots of minor depth changes along with underwater structure out in the flats of Bear Creek that produce good Crappie and Catfish.  If the fish are not biting in the flats try the creek drop offs or try the flats if the creek drops do not produce.  Large quanities and sizes of Bass are usually caught around the points and at certain areas where the drops go from 6 foot to 20 plus feet.  I have seen some big catfish that came out of Bear Creek but all I can tell you about Catfishing is throw out about  50 jugs and expect to catch catfish, crappie and sauger.  Sauger can be caught beginning in July using this method.  Others have told me they catch sauger during the summer months trolling a deep running crank bait.  I have noted a few places that will produce all of these species or at least yours truly has good results around these areas.
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1.  This is a public boat ramp with no launch fee.  There is usually plenty of parking at this ramp and it is located on the river.  This ramp is steep but has good access.  The ramp is located just past Eastport Marina about 1/4 mile.  If there is strong winds it can sometimes be a little bit of a problem with the novice boater since this ramp is located on the river's edge.  You need to be ready to go fishing or boating or whatever your intentions are for that day because there is no facilities available at this ramp.  Back To Top Of Page

2.  Eastport Marina will have bait and tackle, fuel. snacks and maintenance attendant available. This facility is one of the better launch ramps on the lake.  At certain times of the year parking could be limited.  There is a charge for boat launching at this facility.  Covered boat stalls are located here and may be rented for a fee if available.  Back To Top Of Page

3.  Colbert County Park located on the Alabama side of Bear Creek on the Rose Trail Road, has lots of camping spaces for RV's.  The campground has beautiful shaded spaces located on the banks of Bear Creek.  I have personally used this campground several times and found it to be a good place to camp.  It has a boat ramp at the facility and to the best of our knowledge there is no launch fee.  Have your camper stocked and all the bait and tackle you need or you'll have to go back about 8 to 10 miles for these supplies.  Back To Top Of Page

4.  This is a good bass fishing spot.  Line up on the first point north of the bridge and start back toward Eastport Marina and you will come upon a flat that depths should be around 8 to 11 feet, sometimes a little more and sometimes a little less, depending on lake level.  There is lots of stumps and underwater structure on top of this flat and it will produce bass in excess of 5 pounds.  Lots of tournaments have been won at this spot.  I use crank baits and have caught some very nice bass off this spot.  I see locals, as well as others, fishing this area with carolina rigs and spinner baits.  I usually back off to about 15 feet on the depth finder and cast into the shallow water with a deep running crank bait.  This drop can be followed for 300 yards or more toward the middle of the creek.  Bass can be caught all along this drop.  Back To Top Of Page

5.  Mill Creek Boat Dock has RV camping and boat launch facilities.  Fuel and bait are also available during summer months.  We are not sure at this time if all these facilities are available during the winter months.  The fees for the launch ramp are on the honor system.  The ramp is suitable for launching but has a steep launch.  Parking can be limited at certain times of the year.  This ramp is located very close to some of the best fishing in Bear Creek.
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6.  Beginning in February through May you can catch crappie trolling or drifting along this area.  Usually around 12 to 15 feet is a good depth to be fishing for crappie with either hair jigs tipped with a minnow or spider fishing with minnows.  Back To Top Of Page

7.  Another good crappie fishing area but normally when they are a little deeper around the end of April on into the summer months.  Back To Top Of Page

8.  I have caught and watched others catch some nice bass off this point.  It is shallow on the point with deep water drop on the creek.  Back To Top Of Page

9.  It seems that both sides of the cut come to a point just about in the center of the cove.  From this point to the back of the cove is shallow and can produce some good bass at times.  Crappie can be caught on the drops from the mouth of this cove along the south bank as well as in the middle.  Crappie here seem to be small but I have on occasion brought in 2.25 pounders.
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10.  Crappie fishing is usually good in this area during the Spring before the spawn.  Usually 10 to 15 feet of water is a good depth to try.  This is a flat area with stumps and other underwater structure that hold crappie.  Back To Top Of Page

11.  If Catfishing with jugs is what you like then this is a good area to start.  Set your line to about 20 feet and get ready.  I have caught lots of 2 to 5 pound catfish here during the summer months.  Also Sauger seem to be plentiful around this time in this area while fishing with jugs.
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12.  Another good Crappie fishing area.  Fish along the shore lines about 100 yards from the banks.  Lots of stumps and structure here that hold crappie before the spawn.  Usually 8 to 12 feet of water will get you a good mess of crappie.  Back To Top Of Page

We will have more information on Bear Creek Just Stay Tuned.

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