Enjoy an Afternoon at Pickwick Lake With a Metal Detector


Pickwick Lake is a premier tourist destination in the south located on the beautiful Tennessee River. There is the Pickwick landing state park which offers many activities for the guests. The lake offers different types of fishes such as the Tennessee River catfish and the small mouth bass. Fish that are known to be available all year long in the lake include the bluegill, whitebass, stripes and crappie. The lake also hosts some of the biggest annual fishing tournaments.

You can enjoy an afternoon at Pickwick Lake at the beautiful and challenging golf courses. These golf courses are surrounded by water and trees. There are also swimming beaches open to the public, indoor and outdoor pools and the Pickwick state park inn. You can purchase antiques at the gift shop, engage in physical activities and play tennis.

You can also search for antiques at the Pickwick lake shoreline and at the park with a metal detector. Finding the right metal detector to use at Pickwick Lake can be a problem. Many brands are available in the market with different features, functionalities and prices.

There is a lot of information out there regarding metal detectors. However most of the information can be misleading since it’s primarily intended for marketing purposes. There are few factors to consider when you are looking for a metal detector to use at Pickwick Lake.

Enjoy an Afternoon at Pickwick Lake With a Metal Detector 2

The Type of Activities to Be Handled

Metal detectors are designed for different purposes. In this aspect, the metal detector will be used at Pickwick lake shoreline and at the pack. It can be used to search for metallic antiques at the beach or in the Pickwick state landing park which has a rich history. Therefore, you need a metal detector which is water proof and free from corrosion to withstand the salty conditions at the lake.

Level of Expertise

For you to enjoy an afternoon at Pickwick Lake with a metal detector, you need to have full expertise on the use of metal detectors. Metal detectors come with new innovations every day. It is therefore important to equip yourself with the right skills so that you can be able to utilize the device efficiently and effectively. It is possible to find relics buried in the sand considering the age of this recreational park.

Metal Detectors Categories

Metal detectors come in five different categories from which to choose from. These categories include the general purpose, pulse, water proof, nugget hunting and two box metal detectors. At Pickwick Lake, we need a metal detector that can be used for nugget hunting and at the same time has water proof material.

After you have settled for the type and variety of metal detector that you want (check out some metal detectors review over at the Metal Detector Judge), you will then proceed to buy the device. It is good to ensure that the product has all the features as it advertised. After you have purchased the metal detector, familiarize yourself with the instructions to make sure that you do not miss out on a gem at Pickwick Lake.


Pickwick Lake offers guests a wide range of fun activities. You can choose to go swimming or just strolling at the beach at the beach. You can also enjoy an afternoon at Pickwick Lake with a metal detector searching for nuggets.

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