Top Ways to Catch Fish with the Help of Fish Finder


Traditionally, anglers used to rely on their gut feeling to locate fish. With time, this intuition would grow and one would become celebrated for being able to feel the fish. However, this innate level of knowledge about fish is not possible for everyone. For instance, some people just want to catch a few fish on a weekend. This is where technology has proven to be so invaluable. Fish finders help one to trace where the fish are and thus catch a few of them.

Top Ways to Catch Fish

The best way to use a fish finder is study undersea charts of an area. These charts are usually available online or at the local office. The best way to use these charts is to identify underground structures. Fish will tend to coalesce near these structures for various reasons. When one finds such a structure, they should use their fish finder to scan for fish. However, a single scan may not reveal much. One needs to go around the structure and make sure each angle is covered in their scan. This can greatly increase one’s chances of taking home fish. One thing to note is that fish love structures. As a result, each angler should first concentrate on finding these structures. These are much easier to find than fish.

The other way to increase one’s catch is using GPS. Even with the best underwater maps, one will still have a hard time tracing a structure twice. As a result, one should ensure that their fish finder has GPs installed. As a result, through a combination of charts and patience, one may stumble upon a structure. When this happens, one needs to register it on their device. As a result, the next day, it will be much easier to find the location and hopefully fish. This is because things such as temperature and weather may cause the fish to temporarily disappear from a structure.

Top Ways to Catch Fish with the Help of Fish Finder

The other way to increase the likelihood of catching fish is to fine-tune the device. Most modern fish finders come with the capability to increase or decrease sensitivity. At times, if the device is too sensitive, it may not be of much use. This is especially so if the water body has a lot of debris. This debris may at times show up as fish. One should decrease the sensitivity of the device to ensure that they only view what they came for.

The other method of increasing one’s chances of catching fish with a sounder is to know what one is looking at. Some people buy fish finders but do not spend enough time learning how to interpret the data. One should take at least a few hours to practice and read the accompanying manual intensely. It can be surprising how much easier it can be to catch fish with the right knowledge.


A fish finder is one of an angler’s most important tools. Most good fishing boats come with the device already installed on the boat. It will definitely be worth every penny in terms of more fish caught.

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