Use Rifle Scope At Pickwick Lake for Enjoyable Tour


Pickwick Lake is located within the Pickwick Landing State park. It is one of the most famous destinations for outdoor activities. For instance, the lake is one of the best destinations for smallmouth bass in the country. The park is a state asset and the state regulates what can take place here.


As with most hunting destinations, hunting is only allowed seasonally. It is legal to bring a rifle fitted with a riflescope into the park. However, one needs to adhere to the rules governing the storage of the firearm while in the park. Besides that, one should ensure that they have proper hunting permits before entering the park for hunting.

One also needs to remember that there are some species that are barred from being hunted. It is important to avoid this kind of game rest one faces heavy fines. Besides that, a rifle scope may not be fitted on a rifle for fishing. The regulation bars the use of firearms to catch fish. However, one may modify their air rifle and fit it with a riflescope if they wish. Air rifles are permitted for use in most instances.

The Best Time to Use a Rifles Scope

Hunting is a game of patience and perfect timing. Some people, especially rookie hunters may end up going back home quite disappointed. One needs to know when it is the best time to catch the game. Most game is active in the early hours of the morning. During the day, it is too hot for them to move around so they stay hidden. Besides morning, some game is also active throughout the night. If one has the stamina, they can stay up all night and hunt with the riflescope all night.

How to Find Game?

Use Rifle Scope At Pickwick Lake for Enjoyable TourThe best way to find game would be to study the creatures’ habits and feeding habits. This will help one to predict where they are likely to find their game. For instance, duck hunters should go hunting near water bodies. However, not all ducks live near the water.

If possible, one can bring a hunting dog along. These are usually effective in acting as pointers. In addition, they can be used to flush out creatures such as ducks and turkey. A hunting dog can also be used to help trace the scent of larger game. The dogs may also come in handy while at the camp. They may help to scare aware scavengers that come to the camp to steal food. Besides that, a dog could help warn one of the big animals such as bears.

Choose a Rifle Scope

Different riflescopes have different capabilities. If one plans to become a regular at hunting, a more expensive rifle will go a long way (have a look at some of the affordable rifle scopes on However, for those who are in search of a thrill for only the weekend, cheap riflescope will do the trick. Using a cheap rifle scope should not mean one compromises on quality.


For the enthusiasts of the great outdoors, bringing a riflescope along will be a great way to liven things up. However, when using a rifle, it is important to follow all the safety precautions. It could help avoid ugly incidents.

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