Why Best Camping Knife Is Required at Pickwick Lake?


Buying a good camping knife is a necessary. Finding a good knife that fits your needs without having to spend too much money is the tricky part. You can find a good knife in almost all the price ranges. The issue is not the price, but knowing what to look for when you go to a sporting goods store is always the issue. Here we will guide you on how to choose the best camping knife for your needs at Pickwick Lake.

Folding or Fixed Knife

There are many reasons why best camping knife is required at Pickwick Lake. Are you looking for a knife that can cut wood, open packages, cut threads or just pure hunting? Lighter duties such as opening of packages or and preparing food when you are camping at Pickwick lake can be handled with a folding knife.

Some knives have been manufactured with some very strong locks such as Spyderco Paramilitary or cold steel recon 1. For the fixed blade knives, you can go for Park River Pocket Bravo. These two knives are essential for everyday lighter duties.

What Are You Cutting?

Slicing food, chopping wood, cutting packages and preparing game are all different tasks that need different specifications. The most important part of a knife is the shape of the blade. The shape of the blade refers to two things. The grind of the blade and the blade itself are the two factors that determine the choice of a knife.
If your main tasks will be involve cutting a lot of thick ropes or nets, then a recurve or hawk bill shape will serve your needs. If you will go hunting at Pickwick Lake, then you should buy a trailing point, drop point or Persian blades. For an ideal knife, you should look for one whose tip is sturdy and pointy, has a straight portion close to the handle and has a nice curve.

Why Best Camping Knife Is Required at Pickwick Lake

How You Will Use the Knife?

The task at hand dictates the grind and the shape of the blade to go for. In layman’s terms, the grind of the knife is the method used by the knife manufacturer to put an edge on the knife’s blade. Grinds are many, but the most common ones are the flat grind, the hollow grind and the convex grind. Hollow grinds are ideal for slicing, flat grinds are preferable for general use, and convex grinds are preferred by those who do a lot wood chopping.

The Type of Steel You Want

When you go camping, you will require a knife that has a good steel to withstand the different environmental conditions out there. The varieties of steel to choose from are stainless steel, high carbon steel, metal super steels to name just a few. The type of steel selected should be ideal for the task at hand. A knife like Victorinox brand Swiss Army Knives is totally corrosion resistant. The steel selected should be hard, tough and free from corrosion. You should try to strike a balance between the three factors.


Finding the right knife to buy can be challenging considering the many varieties of knives out there. If you know what you are looking for, then you will find the right one for your needs.

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